Student Research

Luther biology students regularly participate in a wide variety of on-campus and off-campus summer research experiences. Investigative research projects may be part of regular courses, may be faculty-directed research, or can be independent research designed by students. Students interested in participating in research with Luther faculty should check out the faculty research page to find out the types of projects in which they might be involved. Students should then contact directly individual faculty members with whom they might like to work.

A number of Luther biology faculty host summer research students in their labs. These summer research opportunities may be funded by extramural grants, or grants from the summer student/faculty collaborative research program funded by the Dean's office and Honors Advisory Committee. Summer student/faculty collaborative research grants funded by the Dean's office typically provide a stipend of $3,000 for 8 weeks of research, plus on-campus housing, and up to $500 for project expenses. 

collaborative research student and faculty members pose for a photo.

Serres, Eichinger, and Solberg Collaborative Research

Read about the effects of core body temperature on running economy, lactate levels, and heart rate.