Course Topics

ANTH 102 A: Physical Anthropology

Physical anthropology examines humans and human nature from a biological perspective. This course serves as an introduction to the various lines of inquiry that comprise this sub-field of anthropology. Primary topics include a survey of human biological and cultural evolution, genetics and the mechanics of evolution, non-human primates, and forensic anthropology. The course includes weekly laboratory exercises as a means of exploring fundamental concepts.

ANTH 104 A: Archaeology

Archaeology is the study of the human past through material remains. This course introduces students to the fundamental techniques employed by archaeologists to reconstruct the past. In addition to exploring the basic methodological foundations of archaeology this course provides an overview of world archaeology, including major developments in human prehistory and significant archaeological sites.

ANTH 185 A: Born to Run

Humans possess a capacity for endurance running that is virtually unmatched in the animal world. This class will examine the physiological traits that underlie our capacity to run long distances as well as the environmental and cultural conditions under which this ability evolved. Additional course topics include the physiological and cultural aspects of modern day endurance running, male and female endurance capabilities, barefoot running, and optimal running speed.

ANTH 401 A: Anthropological Theory

This course explores the rise of modern anthropology and the various schools of thought that have shaped the discipline, including an in-depth treatment of contemporary anthropological discourse. We will discuss the issues and approaches that define the anthropological approach as well as the ethical considerations involved in anthropological inquiry. The ultimate goal of this course is to provide students with comprehensive understanding of the field of anthropology and the skills required to negotiate current trends in the discipline.