Facilities Services will provide both routine cleaning (defined as standard cleaning and disinfecting) and enhanced cleaning (defined as disinfecting high-touch surfaces such as door knobs, door push plates, water fountains, elevator buttons, handrails, and light switches) of all academic, athletic, and general-use buildings at least once daily, Monday through Friday. Facilities Services will clean all residence halls at least once daily, Sunday through Saturday. Cleaning protocols in the Regents Center (bleachers and locker rooms) and the Legends Fitness for Life Center will use a disinfectant misting device. Facilities Services will place hand-sanitizing stations in all classrooms, at the primary entry points of all residence halls, and within all other campus buildings. 

Facilities Services will not routinely clean private offices, residence hall rooms, and the restrooms in Baker Village and Prairie Houses. The users/occupants of these spaces are asked to keep them cleaned and disinfected.