Health Resources

It’s our goal to keep the Luther community healthy, safe, and well. We encourage you to view the following topics for information and resources that can help protect yourself and others during this challenging time.

Stay Informed about Luther College’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Being Community website is the repository for all-college information about the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

New announcements that apply to the whole college (students, faculty, staff, and parents) are sent by the Office of Communications and Marketing via email on an as-needed basis. These messages are also posted on the Being Community website in the “Updates” section, with the latest releases also appearing on the Being Community homepage.

If you are a Luther faculty, staff, student, or parent, and you do not receive an all-college announcement, first check to make sure it did not land in another folder (spam, trash, promotions, or social). If you still cannot locate it, contact Katie Schweinefus at [email protected] to be added to the list or to start troubleshooting the problem.

The faculty and staff Tuesday email is issued once a week, and it summarizes the most recent COVID-related announcements for faculty and staff in every issue. You can read it online or sign up to be added to the mailing list.

The student Bulletin is issued twice per week, on every Tuesday and Friday when classes are in session. It summarizes the most recent COVID-related announcements for students every Tuesday. All new students are added to the Bulletin mailing list each year, and they are able to opt out. The Bulletin is available to view online. If you want to sign up for the mailing list, you can do so here.

Follow Luther College’s social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for tips, tricks, and insights on Being Community.

How to Manage Stress

The CDC provides information for ways to cope with stress during the pandemic. The website offers tips on how you can protect yourself and your community, why people react differently to stress, and how you can manage your emotions if you are in isolation or quarantine because of a COVID-19 diagnosis or have been exposed to it.

Luther students can visit the Luther College Counseling Service website to view self-help resources and visit the CDC website to learn the best ways to navigate stress during this challenging time. Counseling Service also provides crisis resources that offer help in the time of crisis or emergency.

Luther staff can refer to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) as a resource for help with questions, concerns, or emotional issues surrounding your personal or work life. EAP offers unlimited access to master's level consultants by telephone, resources and tools online, and up to three face-to-face visits with a consultant for help with a short-term problem.

Staff can also consult with TELADOC. TELADOC is a telehealth and virtual healthcare company that helps people access and experience healthcare, with a focus on high quality, lower costs, and improved outcomes around the world.

Both students and staff can access:

  • Virtual Health and Wellness Coaching, which provides helpful tips and advice during the time of distance learning and working due to COVID-19.
  • Therapy Assistance Online (TAO) is a group committed to reducing mental health disparities by bringing affordable, effective, and accessible treatment to people who have had limited access in the past.
  • Crisis Text Online provides help when dealing with COVID-19 by offering free mental health texting service through confidential crisis intervention via SMS message.
If You’re Feeling Sick

Take a few minutes each day to check how you're feeling and what you should do if you’re feeling symptoms similar to those associated with COVID-19. All Luther students, staff, and faculty have been asked to install and use the CampusClear app on their mobile device or access the web portal online. It is a free COVID-19 self-screener and fast pass for colleges and universities. If you want to read more about how Luther College is using CampusClear to help our community, read our FAQs

If You Think You’re Experiencing a Crisis

Learn when a mental health crisis needs immediate, emergency attention, where to get help, and other related crisis resources.

What You Should Do About Bias and Discrimination

If you’re a student and think you’ve experienced bias or discrimination, please refer to the Bias Incident, Hate Act, Hate Crime, Discrimination, and Harassment Policy and Procedures in the Luther College Student Handbook for more information on these topics.

Staff should refer to the Staff Handbook and faculty can visit the Faculty Handbook.

The Decorah Human Rights Commission (DHRC) also serves a resource for all community members and works to increase community awareness and appreciation of human diversity through educational resources. The DHRC investigates alleged claims of discriminatory practices and provides appropriate remedies where discrimination has been found to exist.

The CDC provides valuable information about reducing stigma associated with COVID-19. Stigma includes discrimination against an identifiable group of people, a place, or a nation. It is associated with a lack of knowledge about how COVID-19 spreads, a need to blame someone, fears about disease and death, and gossip that spreads rumors and myths.

Need For Face Coverings and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

There are many ways to find a face covering you can wear on campus. Disposable face coverings are available at various office locations throughout the Luther campus. The Luther Book Shop also has some available for purchase. If you’d like to make your own mask, check out the CDC website for guidelines and instructions.

If you need a face shield (PPE), faculty and staff should contact Human Resources; students should contact the Center for Academic Enrichment (CAE).

Tips for Coping

You may find COVID-19 stressful. Learn healthy ways to cope to help keep yourself, your family, and your community safe and strong.

How to Navigate Social Awkwardness

What should you do if someone stands too close to you? What if you ask someone to put on their mask and they say no? What if you’re not on the same page as others with the pandemic protocols? See the NPR Wisconsin Public Radio website to view a guide and get advice.

How to Deal With Others Who Are Not Wearing a Mask or Physical Distancing

If any member of the Luther community sees someone else in a public space on campus not wearing a face covering, the first thing to say is, "Did you forget your mask?" If they did, help them locate one. Free, disposable masks are available throughout the campus.

If any member of the Luther community feels another person is in too close physical proximity to them while they are standing and talking together, the first thing to say is, "Do you mind if I back up a couple of steps for the sake of physical distancing?" If you are standing in a line for more than 2 minutes, and another person is standing closer to you than 6 feet, the first thing to say is, "This wait is taking a while. Did you realize that we need to keep social distance while we are waiting?"

If any member of the Luther community sees a violation of the COVID-19 Amended Policies and Procedures of the Student Handbook and wants to file a complaint, it must be given in writing, whenever possible to a Student Conduct Administrator at [email protected].

What You Should Know About Alcohol and COVID-19

View a fact sheet with important information you should know about alcohol consumption and COVID-19.

Risks and Tips for Traveling

Is it safe to travel during the pandemic? The CDC offers some guidelines and tips.

Learn More about the Virus

View some recent articles from Luther faculty about COVID-19, written for the Ideas and Creations blog. Read about the:

Luther Perspectives on COVID-19