Current Research Projects

Currently serving as a book editor for the Anthropology of East Europe Review. 2013-2017.

2012 H. George and Jutta F. Anderson Faculty Development Fund, Luther College, for fieldwork research project entitled “Hippocratic into Hypocritical. Reinterpretation of Hippocratic Oath in Ukraine.” Being revised for publication. 

"Beautiful” Medicine and Feminism: Women and the Practice of Post-socialist Biomedicine in Millennial Ukraine. Monograph being revised for publication. Presented at the Danyliw Research Seminar on Contemporary Ukraine, University of Ottawa. 2011; also presented at Luther College WGST Program Lunch Talks Series in 2010, and as an invited lecture in SUNY at Albany Anthropology Department Friday Lectures Series in 2011 

2011 “Vaccination Campaigns in Post-Socialist Ukraine. When Body Politic and Citizens’ Bodies Intersect” Medical Anthropology Quarterly 25(4):436-456.

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2011 Editorial, co-authored with Hresanova, Ema. Special issue on Health and Care Work in Postsocialist Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Anthropology of East Europe Review.

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2010 “Prestige Concept Reconsidered. Hybridity of Prestige Concept in Post-Socialist Biomedical Profession.” International Journal of Social Inquiry 3(2):75-99.

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