Summer 2015 Trails

The summer of 2015 was our first summer establishing our community project.  Not only did we get great insight into our local bat species and their whereabouts, we had fun sharing and connecting with local people interested in bat conservation.

The files below are summaries of each bat walk including a map of where a bat call occurred and what species was identified.

Decorah High School Trail

7/7/2015- MC, NH, MM, KO

7/22/2015- NC, RC, AM

7/25/2015- NC, RC, BS, PS, CS

7/28/2015- KN, VN, GN

Fish Hatchery Trail

7/14/2015- DR and BW

8/23/2015- DR and BW

Ice Caves Trail

7/15/2015- MC, NH

7/21/2015- KN, VN, GN

7/27/2015- NC, BS, TE, RV

Luther Loop

7/20/2015- MC, MM, KO

8/5/2015- DR, BW

Phelps Park Trail

7/10/2015- DR, BW

8/3/2015- NH, MM, KO

Pole Line Road Trail

7/14/2015- MC,MM,NH,KO

8/2/2015- AE, SM

Pulpit Rock Trail

7/15/2015- MM, KO

8/25/15- SM, AH

Custom Trails


7/27/2015- HS, EM, KN, VN, GN

8/26/2015- DB, NJB