Community Project

How it Got Started

This project began as a response to one question-what does our local bat population look like?  We wanted to know what kind of bats we have in the Decorah area, their numbers and their approximate location.

We love this project because it puts the knowledge and resources into the hands of our community members allowing them to lend a helping hand in local research and bat conservation.  Our volunteers use our specially designed "bat packs" to walk or bike their favorite Decorah area trails and record bat calls that can't be heard by our ears.  Bat calls are run through software that allows our volunteers to visualize the bat call.  These calls help us identify species in the area and potential locations of bat roosts.

Along with these walks we also give community presentations throughout the summer talking about threats to our bat populations and what can be done to help.

Please email your questions to the bat project team at [email protected]

Volunteer Trails

Use the interactive map to view the different volunteer trails set up around the Decorah area:

Note: The Fish Hatchery trail is not currently available.  We apologize and hope to bring it back to our pool of trails soon.