Course Topics

MUS 250 Introduction to Conducting

A study of fundamental gesture, technique, and score preparation. Additional focus is given to oral communication and writing related to the art of conducting and self-evaluation.

MUED 353 Conducting:Instrumental

A study of advanced gesture technique as applied to instrumental rehearsal and performance. Additional attention is given to rehearsal techniques, score study, accompaniment, and performance practice.


MUS 300 Symphony Orchestra:

The Luther College Symphony Orchestra, Luther’s largest and oldest orchestral ensemble, maintains an active rehearsal and performance schedule during the academic year, from early September to late May. Over eighty student musicians, representing a variety of academic disciplines, perform with Symphony Orchestra.

MUS 300 Chamber Orchestra:

The Chamber Orchestra specializes in repertoire for small orchestra and mixed chamber ensembles ranging from the Baroque era to the 21st century. In addition to its own concert schedule, Chamber Orchestra performs with the Luther College Opera Workshop.