Year by Year in the Program


In their first year on campus students observe the profession of athletic training and the environment that surrounds it. This is known as first-year observation and includes observing athletic trainers in a clinical, game, and practice setting.

Clinical Experience

Moving into the second year (first year working in the ATEP) students begin working with athletes in a clinical setting. Class topics during this year include anatomy, kinesiology, and several introductory athletic training courses.

Clinical Exploration

During the third year students focus on general medical topics while also observing different off-campus health care providers. These include radiology, physical therapy, podiatry, and the college health services. This experiential learning is a unique component to the Luther College ATEP.

Exam and Career Preparation

The final year is focused on integrating all of the skills learned during the previous two years into the athletic training clinic. This is in preparation for the Board of Certification exam and placing students in health related careers.

BOC Pass Rate

Academic Year 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 3 year aggregate
Number of students graduating from the program 6 5 7 18
Number of students taking the exam 6 5 5 16
Number of students who passed on the first attempt 5 3 4 12
Percentage of students who passed on the first attempt 83 60 80 75
Number of students who passed regardless of the attempts 5 4 4 13
Percentage of the students who passed regardless of the attempts 83 80 80 81