February 17: A Life in Shadows

Annie Katsura Rollins: A Life in Shadows: Art, Creation & Research in Chinese Shadow Puppetry

Wednesday Feb. 177-8:15pm, Olin 102

Tracing disparate points of interest throughout her life's work, Annie Katsura Rollins tells the story of how she came upon a life in shadows, working with the last remaining shadow puppet practitioners in China. As an artist, creator and researcher, Rollins has struggled to converge her pursuits within and beyond the academy and makes a case for the necessity of shadows, ambiguity and interdisciplinarity in all aspects of our lives.

Annie Rollins is a researcher, practitioner and Fulbright Scholar of Chinese shadow puppetry, studying as a traditional apprentice since 2008. She is currently pursuing a PhD at Concordia University in Montreal on the transmission of traditional Chinese shadow puppet making methods. Recent venues for exhibitions, lectures and performances include The Art Institute of Chicago, The Montreal Botanical Gardens, The Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta, the Virginia Fine Arts Museum, the Linden Center in Yunnan China, and the Rietveld Academie in the Netherlands. Rollins frequently publishes in Puppetry International and has recently published articles in Asian Theatre Journal and Anthropology Now. She recently launched the first English language comprehensive Chinese shadow puppetry site at www.chineseshadowpuppetry.com.  


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