2018-19 Courses

2018-2019 Courses

Fall 2018

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday:
11 a.m.-12 p.m. Chinese 101  [Hongmei Yu]
1:30-2:30 p.m. Chinese 201  [Hongmei Yu]

Tuesday and Thursday:
2:30-4 p.m. Chinese/Foreign culture 242: Chinese Cinema and Chinese Modernity [Hongmei Yu]
12:45-2:15 p.m. Paideia 450: Ritual and Perform in Japan [Gereon Kopf, Robert Vrtis]

January Term 2019

History 262: Everybody Loves Gandhi (Caton) [times TBA, on campus]
Religion 236: Disaster and Enlightenment: Pilgrimages in East Asia (study abroad) [Gereon Kopf]
Paideia 450: Peace and Reconciliation in Cambodia (study abroad)  [Scott Hurley, Char Kunkel]

Spring 2019

Chinese 102 [Hongmei Yu]
Chinese 202  [Hongmei Yu]
History 161: East Asian History [Caton]
REL 261: Religions of South Asia
Paid 450: How China and the US shape each other and the World [Hongmei Yu, Andrew Hageman]
REL 202: From Buddhist Scriptures to Anime [Gereon Kopf]
AS 389 by arrangement [Hongmei Yu]