Why Study Art?

The study of the arts enhances perception and focus. Art asks profound questions about the things we observe, imagine, and invent. How do we understand what we experience? How might we communicate the most important elements of the things we think, feel and see?

Why Study Art at Luther?

Luther College's art program seeks to build skills of analysis through the study of art. The skills gained through our art program intersect with all disciplines and fields. The art major is supported by Luther’s  liberal arts program, which ensures that students graduate with strong communication skills, an emphasis on ethics, and the ability to think critically and make connections across disciplines. A liberal arts education prepares students to excel in all careers and become leaders in their communities.

Our alumni have careers in art education, gallery management, costume design, and more. Learn more about their journeys.

Diverse Curriculum

Students in the art program at Luther have a variety of paths to pursue including studio art, art history, and more.

Studio art allows students to follow their calling ranging from painting and drawing to graphic design and photography. Our introductory courses provide a foundation that engages students in all disciplines of visual discourse. Our advanced courses prepare our students for their senior gallery shows. Although allied, the discipline of art history is distinct from studio art. Luther art history students explore how art is produced and maintained through our courses and gallery positions. 

Dedicated Faculty

The art faculty and staff have unique sets of training, research interests, and interdisciplinary skills that make our program a hub of creativity, exploration, and discovery. Whether you want to study studio art, art history, or want to create your own path, our faculty is prepared to guide you.

Private Studio Spaces

Junior and senior art majors are eligible for a variety of studio spaces on campus. These studios allow our students to grow as artists and prepare for their senior projects. Studio spaces are granted through a portfolio review process.