Studio Art

The art program at Luther College encourages student artists to engage in a visual language within the liberal arts. Studio work nurtures, enriches, and strengthens the student’s artistic identity.

Luther College's studio art major is designed to help students sustain a lifelong pursuit of creative problem-solving, individual expression, and aesthetic appreciation. We encourage and expect our students to attend and take part in art and cultural experiences. This includes Luther College exhibitions, productions, lectures, workshops, internships and study abroad experiences.

Our studio art courses guide students through many ideas and mediums. Introductory courses provide a foundation that engages students of all disciplines in visual discourse. Advanced courses hone skills and develop a higher level of critical thinking and understanding.

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Studio art majors build skills in many mediums though foundations courses in the first year. In advanced courses, students narrow their focus towards specific mediums and artistic research. In their fourth year, studio art majors prepare a solo art show backed by artistic research and contemporary art theory. This prepares our students to pursue professional gallery work upon graduation.

Required for a major: 38 total credits hours, including ART 103, 108, 111, and 320; 24 additional credit hours in art at the 200-level or higher, including at least two 4-credit courses at the 300-level or higher.  Writing requirement fulfilled with ART 320. For more information, visit the academic catalog.

Required for a minor: ART 103; 108 or 111; and four additional 4-credit courses in art, at least two of which must be at the 200-level, and at least one of which must be at the 300-level.

Arts Management Concentration: To complete the art management concentration a student is required to complete a major in art and a minor in management, or a major in management and a minor in art.