Our Learning Goals

The Art Program here at Luther College, within the context of a Liberal Arts education, engages and challenges students to develop, shape and apply creative problem solving skills to engage and transform personal and societal perspectives as they relate to ethics and identities within local and global communities. The Liberal Arts environment allows our students to bring a variety of conversations and questions to a range of mediums, materials, and practices offered by a dedicated group of faculty that are practicing artists and researchers across many art disciplines.

Art courses are designed to channel students through multiple strategies to connect and give form and language to ideas ranging from traditional, digital, performance and conceptual forms. Our students are encouraged and expected to attend and participate in art and cultural experiences beyond the classroom including exhibitions, productions, lectures, workshops, internships and study abroad experiences. The Art Program aims to foster intellectual curiosity and integrity through Art Historical perspectives and the ever shifting landscape of Contemporary discourse, technologies, and ways of making and being in art and society. Speaking and writing through a critical lens are developed as important mechanisms to raise and challenge issues across multiple disciplines within and beyond an art context as students prepare for academic and professional careers after their undergraduate experience. 

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