Alexis Hove '18

Alexis Hove '18

Majors: Nordic Studies and Art

A Unique Combination of Majors

I knew when I started college that I was interested in visual art. Because it speaks to people in a way that words can’t, art has become an outlet for my reflections.

I also took Norwegian 101 during my first year and absolutely fell in love with all things Norway. I plan to study in Oslo, Norway, for a semester this year. I think it will give me a unique global perspective and appreciation.

Helpful and Welcoming Faculty

I’ve found that Luther professors genuinely care about their students and want to see them thrive. I appreciate how the faculty makes an effort to be available outside of class. The smaller class sizes are also nice because they provide a less intimidating environment for questions.

A Holistic Approach to Education

I like how Luther’s liberal arts curriculum requires students to take courses in areas other than our majors because it challenges students to be critical thinkers. Being informed in other subject areas allows students to better understand complex topics.

Best Experiences So Far

My greatest experiences at Luther so far have all come from my extracurricular activities. I think it’s important to get involved with groups and clubs because they’re great avenues for friends. I’ve come to know many people through my involvement in choir, track, Norskklubb, and intramural sports.

Campus Life and Decorah

The first three things that come to mind about Luther’s campus are Frisbee, Chacos, and squirrels. I also think of the friendly people. When I walk to class, I get lots of smiles and hellos. Knowing so many people is great, and the community is very close.

What I like about Decorah is that it has a lot to offer to students. I often use the bike trails or go on hikes with friends. One of my favorite spots in town is Phelps Park. It’s great for picnics and study breaks.

Plans to Study Abroad

I’m incredibly excited for my experience in Norway and am looking forward to further travel. It’s such a beautiful country with so much to offer. I can’t wait to return and share my stories.  

A Course For Every Student

I’d recommend that all students, regardless of major, take Foundations: Visual Thinking. It’s highly applicable to everyone, not just art majors. The class is very hands-on and it really challenges you. The professor, David Kamm, is great because he creates a welcoming environment yet expects our best work.