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Ghost Descriptions

There are several buildings at Luther College that are rumored to be haunted, but none are more well-known than the stories of "Gertrude" in Larsen Hall

There have been claims of unusual occurrences in Larsen Hall for decades, and often the reason given for these anomalies is that the building is haunted. As one of the oldest (and oldest-looking) buildings on campus, Larsen Hall seems like a logical place for spawning ghost stories on campus.

The problem with the stories told about Larsen Hall, however, is that they are inconsistent with one another. "Gertrude," the young girl who purportedly lingers in the building, is described by "witnesses" as anywhere from twelve years old to somewhere in her late teens, and her clothing is often said to be in the style of the 19th century. The main explanation as to her identity, however, describes her as a high school girl who wanted to attend Luther before women were admitted, and who died in 1918 when her bicycle was struck by an automobile.

No records of any such event occurring can be found, and additionally there are no records that can prove that anyone named Gertrude ever even existed in Decorah around the time of 1918.

Resources in the Luther College Archives

  • Restless Spirits Haunt Luther by Andrea Jennings, Chips October 27, 2005

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