Regents Towers


The Regents Towers, specifically named Miller and Dieseth Halls, were built into the side of a bluff on the north side of campus with half the rooms overlooking the scenic Upper Iowa River Valley. Situated just north of Ylvisaker Hall, half the Regents Towers faces the center of Campus towards Valders Hall of Science.


Dieseth Hall was the first of the two buildings to be constructed in 1966 and was meant as a dormitory for men. The total cost was $1,482,001. Miller Hall, designated as a women's dormitory, was ready by 1968 but costs had risen somewhat during this time. The dormitory cost a total of $1,769,832 requiring a federal loan of $1,575,000 to finish.


The large size of the student body required two dorms of a larger proportion to the rest of the buildings on campus. Each dormitory is 8 stories tall and set into the side of the bluff which makes up the north side of campus. From Highway 52, which borders Luther to the west, the two dormitories appear impressive. To connect the two buildings, a lounge was built between the fifth and fourth floors of each hall. This lounge includes a fireplace and comfortable tables and chairs where students can study. Each hall is connected to campus through a short passageway and, in the case of Miller Hall, a lofted walkway. Each floor of the Regents Towers has 23 double occupancy rooms to house approximately 368 students.


The Regents Towers were named after significant members of the Luther College Board of Regents. The towers were named after Frank Miller and John Dieseth with the lounge connecting the two named after the Brunsdale family which includes former regent Norman Brunsdale.


Today the Regents Towers, simply called the "Towers," are both co-educational facilities on alternating floors. They commonly house sophomore and junior students from Luther College but are also open during the summer to house visiting high school students. Brunsdale Lounge now contains a computer lab open to all students as well as updated furniture. On the north side students can enjoy the views of Lindeman Pond and the soccer fields while the south side students can see Ylvisaker Hall and the sand volleyball courts.


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