Olson Hall


Olson Hall was dedicated on Oct. 16, 1955 to former Luther College President Oscar Olson, who was present at the ceremony. Situated just south of Koren Hall and Larsen Hall, Olson Hall faces the center of Campus and the statue of Martin Luther.


With funds from a federal loan of $535,000, work began on a dormitory with built-in dressers, beds, and desks. The cornerstone was laid on May 17, 1955 for a male dormitory to house 233 students. The final cost of the building was $594,000.

Dormitory Use

Until 1955, almost all the male students of Luther College lived in private homes off-campus and often ate off-campus as well. It became necessary with the burgeoning size of the student population to build a dormitory for the male students as a complement to the all female dormitory of Brandt Hall. Olson Hall was originally intended for this purpose. Due to the heavy need, male residents actually lived in the building at the beginning of the semester before its completion.

Renovation and Developments

Olson Hall was renovated in 2004 to reflect the changing needs of the Luther College student population. The building, which is now co-educational, includes suites for upperclassmen on the west side and three-person rooms for first-year students on the east side. The two sides are connected on the first floor by a TV lounge which includes a pool table, on the second floor by a social lounge, and on the third floor by a study lounge complete with two computer stations and a printer.


Residence Life: Olson Hall