Loyalty Hall


Loyalty Hall was dedicated on Dec 20, 1916 to provide a dining facility for the students of Luther College. The building is situated just east of Larsen Hall and south of Main.


The students of Luther College in 1916 wanted to move the dining facilities, then located in the basement of Main, to its own building. In a proposal submitted through Mikkel Lono (class of 1917), the student body asked for a new building. Their plan was found to be acceptable and a new dining hall was built that same year.


In order to pay for this new building, Luther College borrowed funds with the help of a student boarding fee of $8 a year. As this building necessitated the moving of the hospital, some funds were shifted to the moving, improving, and enlarging of this facility. Loyalty Hall was originally 45 by 95 feet with two stories and a basement.

Dining Facility

Loyalty Hall was named to commemorate the loyalty of the students who raised the funds necessary to build the dining hall. Since 1896 students had been in charge of providing for their fellow classmates through the Luther College Boarding Club. The elections for positions such as manager, buyer, and treasurer were hotly contested among students often including debates on the selection and preparation of food. In 1931 Luther College resumed control of the boarding functions.


In 1962 the dining facilities moved to the basement of the Centennial Union (now the Dahl Centennial Union). To replace the dining usage, Loyalty Hall was converted in part for the Art Department. In 2003-2004 the building was renovated for its current use which includes administrative offices. The building now houses the Alumni and Advancement Offices as well as facilities and classrooms. One room has been set aside as a large meeting room which includes many technological capabilities not found in other areas on campus.