College Apartments


The College Apartments were finished in 1971 as housing for married students of Luther College. Situated south of Baker Village and Anderson Prairie, the College Apartments are across College Drive from Preus Library.


After World War II, there were a small number of married students attending Luther College. In order to house them, the college purchased surplus wartime barracks, half with tarpaper exteriors and half with corrugated steel exteriors.


It became necessary in the 1960s to have improved housing for married students so the barracks were demolished; the tarpaper barracks in 1964 and the metal barracks in 1966. By 1971 row-house type apartments, 24 total, were built with air conditioning throughout.


The total cost of the new apartments was $254,875.


Today the College Apartments house a combination of married students, students with children, and traditional students. The apartments provide a more independent living environment for upper-class students while retaining campus connections.


College Apartment Information