Campus House

Residential Use

Campus House was built in 1867 thanks to donations from the three congregations served by the campus pastor, Nils O. Brandt. It is now the second oldest building on the Luther College campus. Campus House is situated just north of Koren Hall and east of Brandt Hall.

The Brandt Years

Soon after the building was finished in 1867, it was bought by Luther College to house the campus pastor and his wife, Nils O. and Diderikke Brandt. The family of seven aided the campus in multiple ways including opening their house to many individuals. At one point, around the 1870s, Campus House served as the home of three or four Comitia Dumriana students (female members of the Luther community who took certain classes from Luther professors on an unofficial basis), a few college students in the attic, two or three bachelor professors, and the necessary house help.

Presidential Housing

In 1893 Luther College President Laur Larsen moved into the Campus House, setting a trend for the following presidents. During this time the house was also opened up to professors and important visitors to Luther College.


The first renovation of Campus House occurred in 1937, one year after the official acceptance of co-education at Luther College. It had become necessary to provide on-campus housing to the new female students that was separated from the larger male population of the college. The renovation changed the campus house from a family living residence to a female dormitory. In the 1960s attempts were made to make another renovation of Campus House necessary but these attempts failed. The main expectation was that it would soon be torn down as it would cost too much to renovate. However in the early 1970s the idea resurfaced and in the 1972-73 school year, it was completely renovated.


Today Campus House serves as the offices of the Communication Studies department, members of the Political Science department, and Luther Publications. Although the building is no longer used as a residential unit, the house has maintained its exterior homey appearance.