Current Anthropology Lab Displays Around Campus

Preus Library : Main Floor

The Mystery of the Beaded Bags in the Anthropology Collection
By Alison Gau ('18)
Bandolier bags or gashkibidaaganag are large, beaded bags that are worn across the shoulder as demonstrated by Young Beaver in Figure 1. These bags are beautiful creations that are culturally significant to the Algonquian-speaking Native American tribes of the Great Lakes area, especially the Ojibwe tribe. Each of the four bags on display is unique in that each design is a reflection of the bead artists’ creativity and skill. The artists, mainly women, would draw inspiration from the environment around them and incorporate their interpretations of natural motifs into their bead work design. The designs were also influenced through interactions with other Native American tribes and Euro-American people.


Let's Get Geophysical First Floor
By Morgan Niner ('20)
Learn about the latest geophysical technology employed by Luther College Anthropology in its archaeology research under the direction of Colin Betts.

Liberty in History Second Floor
By Meta Miller, museum studies minor ('21)
This exhibit draws of the Anthropology Numismatics Collection to highlight the past and current trends in depicting Lady Liberty on American currency. Check the online version of this exhibit.

Who's Who in Luther Anthropology Third Floor
Check out the current faculty and students in the Anthropology program. See the various accomplishments of members of our department.

Olin First Floor

Souvenirs of Colonial India
By Froeydis Roenneberg ('18)
See over 75 historic clay figurines constructed in the last decade of the 1800s and learn the story of how Luther College came to have this remarkable collection and steps to stabilize and conserve them as part of museum conservation practice.

Larsen Center for Global Learning

Beads of Change: Maasai Women's Role in the Market
By Abby Vidmar ('19)
Stop by the Center for Global Learning to check out the display based on Abby's semester of study abroad.