Academic Assistantships

Academic Administrative Assistantships allow students to do research and develop professional skills in their major fields of study in paid work positions during the academic year or the summer. The assistantships are awarded through faculty application.

Academic Administrative Assistantships

GPS Mapping in Northern Tanzania. The AAA student provided instruction in the use of the GPS unit and helped to formulate a plan for mapping Maasai bomas (homesteads) and resource areas during the 2016 January Term program in northern Tanzania. The following term he assisted with downloading the data and using it to build maps for use in teaching and research.

  • Kaleb Van Gerpen – Fall 2015 and Spring 2016.

Anthropology of East Europe Review Journal. Ongoing assistance with book reviews editing under the direction of Maryna Bazylevych

  • Jessi Kauffmann - Fall 2015. Support in interview transcription and data analysis.
  • Katherine Morin - Fall 2015. Support of book-editing responsibilities.
  • Marley Crossland – Spring 2013, Fall 2014, Spring 2015. Support of book-editing responsibilities.
  • Maria Statkevich - Spring 2015. Support in interview transcription journal book editing.

Academic Journal Special Edition. Anthropology students assist with production of the Spring 2011 special issue of Anthropology of East Europe Review, “Health and Care Work in Post-socialist Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union,” under the direction of Maryna Bazylevych.

  • Julia Zaliznytska – Spring 2011. Data coding and analysis.
  • Amanda Schaeffer – Spring 2012. Literature review and analysis.

Otoe-Missouria Research. The student provided support for book manuscript research by assisting with the review of pertinent literature and conducting research on focused topics using online newspaper archives, genealogy websites, library databases, and other online, archival, and published print resources.

  • Kaleb Van Gerpen - Spring 2013.

    Global Religious Traditions. The research assistants transcribed interviews from Evgenia Fotiou's doctoral research on the globalization of Amazonian religious traditions.

    • Annie Zylstra - Spring 2013, Fall 2014. Transcription of interviews.
    • Maria Victoria Torrillas - Fall 2013. Transcription of Spanish interviews.