A Cultural and Historical Adventure: Hiking in Vietnam and Bhutan October 8-22, 2018

Fields in Vietnam

We apologize, but this tour is full. We hope to offer this tour again in April of 2020.

Ann Highum, vice president for student life emerita, and Jerry Freund, retired city manager of Decorah, are ready to travel again with a group of adventuresome and curious people. They are anxious to share our love for Southeast Asia and its people, culture, history, and natural beauty. Bhutan and Vietnam are two fascinating countries that are safe for travel, rich in culture, and historically important.   

Vietnam is known for it's stunning landscapes, kind and welcoming people, and delicious cuisine. Bhutan, situated at the eastern end of the Himalayas and famous for its “happiness index”, has been open for tourism for many years. Their tourism industry is highly regulated and well managed by professional tour operators. This tour is being offered to hardy souls who want a unique adventure in both the northern part of Vietnam and then in Bhutan.

Local guest speakers and guides will share their knowledge about each country making this a wonderful learning experience. The tour is also based on taking hikes in remarkable areas, interacting with different ethnic tribes to learn about their customs and cultures, staying in guesthouses in small villages, and experiencing each country more fully than is possible on other tours. It is important to note that these countries are not ADA accessible and many of the hiking experiences will involve uneven terrain, long uphill climbs, and up to seven miles per hike. The highest areas we would visit are in the range of 7,000 to 8,000 feet, making altitude another factor to consider on this trip.

Ann and Jerry have worked to make this adventure affordable as well as memorable. If you are interested please contact one of them to discuss the physical demands and determine if this tour is a good match for your interests and abilities. They are only taking 10 people along on this tour. 

For more information, contact Ann Highum and Jerry Freund