Chamber Dollars for Students

Luther College

Please join us in supporting our current students of color with Chamber Dollars. These certificates can be used at almost every Decorah area business. The pandemic and new academic schedule has added uncertainty and stress that can weigh heavy on a student, especially being away from home. Students may start to think "I'm forgotten." Let's show our students that THEY ARE NOT FORGOTTEN!

The certificates area $20 each and will be distributed to the students in January before final exams. We will also include a personal message of support and encouragement from The Luther College Black Alumni Association.

Let's make a positive difference in the lives of others. Don't think, JUST DO IT! We have over 100 plus students of color, so find it in your heart to donate multiple gift cards.You may be helping the next CEO of a major corporation or a leader of world peace to make it through finals. As Spike Lee would say, I know you will choose to "DO THE RIGHT THING." Donations can be made online using the form to the left by the end of the day on Friday, December 4th.

#LutherCollegeBlackAlumniAssoc #BlackLove #Makeadifference

Loretta and Perran

Thank you and may peace be with you,

Loretta Dooley Wetzel '80 and Perran G. Wetzel IV '79
Co-Presidents, Black Alumni Association