Richard Mtisi and Guy Nave plan J-Term to South Africa

Africana Studies and History Professor Richard Mtisi and Religion Professor Guy Nave are preparing for their J-Term Study Away in South Africa. Their course description is as follows:

Paideia 450: Reconciliation in South Africa
Taught by Guy Nave (Religion) and Richard Mtisi (Africana Studies/History)
Offered in J-Term 2014

This course will examine how South Africans are attempting to overcome their tortured past by examining it and facing squarely the implications of human rights abuses that occurred during apartheid and the violent struggle to topple it. In the course of three weeks in Johannesburg, Kwazulu-Natal, East London, and Cape Town areas, students will meet with journalists who covered the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, judicial officials and religious leaders who ran it, and individuals of all races who bared their pasts to the Commission (and families of victims) in an attempt to receive amnesty from the Commission.  We will also talk with South Africans to get their view regarding if and how things have changed during the course of twenty years of democracy.

Richard Mtisi and Guy Nave's previous trip to South Africa (2007)

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