The Racialization of Trust: Who Have We Been Taught Not to Trust?

Tues February 14, 2017
7:00-8:30 p.m.
Paideia Text and Issues Lecture
Wintlett Taylor-Browne and Michelle Boike
Center for Faith and Life Recital Hall

Who have we been taught to trust and not to trust? Using a variety of sources, this lecture will examine how Americans have been socialized to not trust specific races and people groups. These historical systems and institutions have created cultural practices and behaviors which translate into social norms.These social norms govern our interactions with one another and normalize our responses to the “other” and not to question ourselves or the information we consume. Therefore, the question then becomes, is trust a fundamental element of character, community or culture? We argue that trust is a function of all three. How has the mistrust of varied racial groups throughout American history contributed to their oppression and marginalization? In addition to exploring these issues, the lecture will provide examples of how we have bought into these racialized narratives. In order to address our social norms about who can/should be trusted, we must engage with the issue.