Reflection on Art, Representation, and Black Militancy

Muha Bazila

Wednesday February 15, 2017
7:00-8:00 p.m.
Olin 102 
Brazilian artist Muha Bazilia discusses his art and life

"Meet Brazilian artist and architect, Muha Bazila. Bazila specializes in painting portraits, which he got into by studying and drawing African hair textures. The first thing I noticed about his work was the ubiquitous happy quality they all seemed to emit. Each subject beaming through a mix of mediums, like watercolors and art markers." -- Erin White

Muha Bazila has a degree in architecture from the University of Brasília. The young artist was the first Brazilian to present his work in the Art Freedom festival in Paris, France (2014). He has also participated in the Brazil/NYU Solidarity Salon in New York (2016), and showed his work in the Feira Preta in São Paulo, Brazil. Bazila had his work showcased in an individual exhibit at Livraria Cultura in Brasília, Brazil (2014). In Brasília he also showed his art in various art shows and exhibits, including Onda Anda Onda, Negras Vidas, Das Raízes às Pontas, and Feira 102- Novos Talentos. 

Art is part of Muha's life since he was seven years old, when he started studying drawing painting. He debuted as a painter with his 2014 series called Odara, paying homage to the beauty of black women in Brazil. In his work the turbans, twists and wiry hair reveal the artist's sensibility for an aesthetic full of references to an African heritage. Muha currently lives in Princeton, New Jersey, where he is researching cultural expressions and black history, as well as working on works related to architecture.