Overnight Visits

Be our guest for the night!

At Luther College, we understand that finding the right fit is essential to your college decision. To that end, we encourage you to experience for yourself what it's really like at Luther by staying overnight with a current student in one of our residence halls. Overnight visits are for high school seniors and transfer students.

Prior to requesting an overnight visit, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Fall Semester and January Term: Students requesting an overnight stay must complete an admissions application to Luther College prior to their overnight stay.
  • Spring Semester: Overnight visits are available only to accepted students

To assist us in coordinating your overnight stay, please observe the following guidelines:

  • You must request your visit at least two weeks in advance to allow for planning.
  • Overnight visits must be held in conjunction with a campus visit. The overnight may be scheduled for either the night before the individual visit or following an individual visit. Please see the visit calendar for available dates and options for individual visits.
  • Overnight visits are arranged around our college calendar. We may be unable to accommodate a request due to breaks, holidays, finals or other busy times.
  • Overnight visits are available Sunday - Thursday nights from October through April. The Admissions Visit Center does not arrange overnight visits on Friday and Saturday nights.
  • To accommodate as many visitors as possible, we can arrange for you to stay in a residence hall for one night only.

Ready to make your overnight plans? Please contact the Admissions Visit Center at 563-387-1289. To help make your overnight stay more comfortable please bring a pillow, sleeping bag and any other personal items you may need.

If you have questions, please contact Deirdre Duvel, Supervisor of Campus Visits, at [email protected].

Upon registration, all students will be asked to agree to the following overnight policy:

Luther College Office of Admissions Overnight Policy

As a campus guest, Luther College requires that you assume the same responsibility for your actions that Luther students have assumed. When you sign up for an overnight visit, you will be required to indicate that you understand and agree to the statement below. If you do not understand the statement or how it applies to you, please contact the Admissions Office.

I am aware that although Luther College has agreed to host me overnight, neither the Admissions Office nor any other office or personnel of Luther College will be supervising me during my stay on campus. Visiting students, like enrolled students, are responsible for their behavior and are expected to behave as adults within the expectations described below.

I am aware that participants in on-campus visitation programs are required to abide by Federal and State laws, local municipal codes and the policies governing student conduct that all students enrolled at Luther College are expected to follow. I acknowledge that Iowa law prohibits the consumption of alcoholic beverages by persons under the age of 21 years, as well as the use of controlled substances.

Failure to follow these guidelines could result in the notification of campus security, your parents, and the Decorah Police Department.