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Have you ever been found responsible for a discplinary violation while attending high school and/or college that resulted in probation, suspension, dismissal, or expulsion?*
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Financial aid may or may not transfer from your current institution. Please contact the Financial Aid Office at 800-458-8437, ext. 1018; or They are eager to assist you in exploring your financial aid options at Luther.
Do you plan to apply for financial assistance?*
For midyear applicants who filed a FAFSA for the fall semester, please include the DRN Number from your Student Aid Report (SAR). The DRN Number makes it possible for the Financial Aid Office to draw down your FAFSA information electronically from the federal processor so that we can determine your aid eligibility. If you don't have access to your DRN Number at this time, please e-mail the financial aid office with your number as soon as possible.
DRN Number:
Are you planning to participate in intercollegiate sports at Luther?
Have you participated in intercollegiate sports at any other college or university?
If yes, please indicate the institution(s) at which you participated:
If yes, please indicate the sport(s) in which you participated:
Note: If you participated in intercollegiate sports, the Luther College athletic director must receive an athletic release form before your financial aid application can be processed.
Are you planning to participate in music at Luther?
Have you received a music scholarship from any other college or university?
If yes, please indicate the institution(s):
Note: If you received a music scholarship, the Luther College music department must receive a music release form before your financial aid application can be processed and before you can be considered for a music scholarship at Luther.
In what year did you originally apply for admission to Luther College?*
For what term did you originally apply for admission to Luther College?*
Have you ever been under any disciplinary action at a previous institution or left that institution while disciplinary action may have been pending?*
Note: If yes, please e-mail a separate letter of explanation, including the name of the institution to A signed document authorizing the release of any disciplinary records from the institution must also be mailed to the Luther College Admissions Office.
Housing preference:*
Note: The Luther College Residence Life Office must approve all off-campus housing arrangements.