Jack About Me

Jack Desmul

Year: First-year
Major: Management
Hometown: Kalispell, Montana

What activities are you involved in outside of academics?

I play basketball here at Luther. I also am involved with music. I've been in Norsemen choir since the beginning of the year and take voice and piano lessons.

What do you and your friends do in your free time?

In my free time, you can find me and my friends either in the gym or practicing music at Jenson.

If someone was interested in your major, what course(s) or professor(s) would you recommend?

If you're interested in business, I would definitely recommend intro to data science (DS-120). Data science is growing as a field of study by the day and is becoming a large part of the business landscape. 

Where’s the best place to study on campus?

The library is hands-down the best place to study on campus; It's always quiet, and overall has a great atmosphere.

What’s your go-to line in the caf when you don’t like what’s in the main line?

The sandwich line is my go-to if the main line isn't good. The ingredients are fresh and they do a great job.

What’s your favorite Luther tradition?

I haven't gotten to experience many traditions yet, but I enjoyed the Homecoming Chapel this year.

What do you miss about Luther when you go home?

I'm from Montana, so I haven't gotten a chance to go home yet. But when I do I think I'll miss the great people here most of all.

What’s your favorite part about going to college at Luther?

The music. And the piece of mind that I am getting a great education here.

What do you want to do after you graduate from Luther?

After I graduate, I plan to run my own business.