A Letter to the Class of 2020

Wow.  It has been an amazing two years here at Luther.

I can’t believe my sophomore year is coming to a close!

While the end of the year is bittersweet, with seniors launching into the next chapter of their lives, I’m excited to meet the new freshmen in the fall and welcome them to Luther.  That’s why, for today’s post, I am writing a letter to the incoming class of 2020.

So, freshmen, this one’s for you:

Dear First Years,

Congratulations on completing your high school career!  That is truly a momentous accomplishment.  And congratulations also on choosing Luther, the best college on earth.  You are going to love it here so much.

You probably feel a mixture of emotions at the prospect of beginning your college career – happy, excited, maybe a little nervous.  If I’m being honest, nothing I can tell you about Luther can truly and totally prepare you for life here.  Words cannot replace the experience.  But I can promise you that it will be a magical, memorable time of your life, unlike high school or anything you’ve encountered heretofore.

You will meet some of your best friends at Luther.  This place is inhabited by the kindest, smartest, funniest people imaginable, and you’ll never forget the time you will spend with them.

And Decorah?  The most beautiful place in the world.  Take the time to explore it, even though life gets busy.  Visit Water Street; visit the woods; walk along the river.  Soak in every inch of the bluffs and sky.  Our campus is nestled right in the heart of an Oneota paradise.

As for academics, you will discover – perhaps to your surprise – that you genuinely love learning about things you’ve never considered.  You will have professors with infectious passion for their subjects and seemingly bottomless knowledge.  You will grapple with assignments and complete them with new understanding and satisfaction.  You will learn a lot.

You will learn from books, from people, from experiences.  And you will learn that a year of college passes in a blink of an eye.  My hope is that you enjoy the blinks ahead of you and embrace every opportunity Luther College has to offer.

You’re in for the ride of your lives.

Love and hugs always,

Jillian Hazlett, Class of 2018

Phelps Park, Decorah

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