"Firsts" of Jillian's Sophomore Year

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re having a fantastic day!

Summer is quickly approaching here at Luther, with just one week left before finals!  As this academic year comes to a close, I’ve been thinking a lot about the “firsts” I’ve had this year.  And I thought, since I have a substantial list, that I’d share that list with you today.

So, without further ado, here are ten “firsts” from my sophomore year of college:

1) First time being a Resident Assistant

Being an RA has been such an amazing experience – probably the highlight of my year.  Getting to know residents and fellow RAs has been so much fun.  Last Sunday, our staff had brunch in Peace Dining Hall, which was fantastic.  And today we had an end-of-the-year cookout, which was maybe my favorite event of the year.  Everyone from Olson and Larsen Halls was invited, and we had burgers, hot dogs, chips, lemonade, and lots of outdoor games.  Two hours of sunshine and happiness.

Some of the Larsen and Olson staff after Peace Brunch
Some of the Larsen and Olson staff after Peace Brunch


2) First time taking a Classical Studies course

In January, I took my first Classics course, Classical Mythology, and I loved it so much that I took two more this spring!  Now I’m planning to minor in Classical Studies, because it’s a subject I really enjoy.  I’m so glad to have discovered this department at Luther!

3) First time playing the guitar

After receiving a guitar for my birthday in December, I’ve spent a lot of time at Luther teaching myself to play.  Learning guitar has been one of my favorite parts of this year.

4) First time walking the CFL catwalk

During a Performing Arts Committee meeting, I got to go inside the ceiling of the CFL’s auditorium.  It was super cool!

Oh my gosh, we're in the ceiling!
Oh my gosh, we're in the ceiling!


5) First time eating a Marty’s burrito bowl

I don’t know how I survived last year without Marty’s burrito bowls.  They are amazing.  And they have guacamole!

6) First time being involved with the Research Symposium

After a research project for my Social Psychology class, everyone in my class participated in a poster session at the annual Research Symposium.  My partner and I looked at the three dimensions of love described in Sternberg’s Triangular Theory – intimacy, passion, and commitment – and how they were related to various personality factors.  It was fun presenting our findings, and it was even cooler to see what students from all departments have been studying this year!

My poster for the symposium!
My poster for the symposium!


7) First time attending Philosophy Society

Although I haven’t taken any philosophy courses here at Luther, I’ve really enjoyed attending Philosophy Society this year.  Our last gathering, a bonfire at Dunnings Springs, was so much fun, and I’m definitely going to miss coming to meetings this summer.

8) First time walking by the river

I’m not sure how I didn’t notice the beautiful hiking trails by the river last year, but I’m so glad to have enjoyed them this year with some wonderful friends.  I am reminded again and again of how beautiful Luther’s campus is.

The river is awesome.
The river is awesome.


9) First time grading for a course

This spring, I graded for Behavioral Statistics.  I didn’t have any experience with grading, so it was interesting to try something new!

10) First time using a pottery wheel

My world pottery class this year introduced me to wheel throwing, one of the messiest and most rewarding artistic media I’ve encountered.  I spent lots of time at my wheel and learned so much!

Me at the wheel!
Me at the wheel!


I still can’t believe all the new things I’ve done year, and I’m looking forward to many more firsts in the years to come!



Some deer I saw today!

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