Why I Love Finals Time

Hello everybody!  I hope you’re having a terrific week!

We’re gearing up for final exams here at Luther and while actually studying for finals isn’t the excitement of a lifetime, being at Luther during exam time is actually one of my favorite parts of the semester! Here are a few reasons why:

The homework and extracurricular load goes away

Sure, there are some massive tests to study for, but your other obligations basically disappear. Clubs are no longer allowed to host meetings or events. This makes the weekend before finals extremely chill.

Everyone is in the library

There is definitely a sense of camaraderie as everyone buckles down to study in the library. It’s very cozy, and seeing everyone else working hard is super motivating.  As I was studying today, a friend of mine even went around and gave everyone candy on the quiet floor of the library!

Ultra Mega Mega

The Friday before finals also features Ultra Mega Mega, the end-of-semester showcase for art, theater, and dance classes. I went yesterday evening with my friends, and we so enjoyed watching people perform and enjoying the artwork students had spent all term creating.

People make plans to hang out

Because a lot of people choose to study abroad during the January term, this is the last weekend that we’ll all be together until spring semester starts. So everyone wants to hang out now before we leave for break! Tonight, my friends and I are having a Christmas movie night.

Study break snacks

From Sunday through Wednesday of finals week, the library provides free snacks to students, starting at 7:30pm. The snack breaks have a theme every semester – this term, the theme is Star Wars, since there’s a new Star Wars movie coming out soon.

The break is in sight – AND CHRISTMAS!

Even final exams cannot make us forget that by this time next week, we will be home, enjoying our Christmas break! Although I’ll miss being at Luther, I’m so excited to see my family!

And that’s why, despite lots of studying, I really do love finals time at Luther!

Since this is my last post for the semester, I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I’m excited to be back in January!

This is the poster for Preus Library's Star Wars themed study break snacks, which I drew.

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