MANY Pianos!

Hello everybody!

I hope you’re all having a great week, and that you enjoyed the extra hour of sleep with the time change!

This week ended with a bang for me, since I got to usher for and watch the performance of The Five Browns in the Center for Faith and Life yesterday evening.  I had read about the group in a magazine when I was younger and have always wanted to see them in person. So you can imagine my excitement to learn that they were coming to my school!

The Five Browns are pianists, all trained at Juilliard, and their performances together are especially neat, because they are all siblings! They have played in Carnegie Hall and appeared on Oprah and Good Morning America…basically, they’re a HUGE DEAL. I encourage you to check out their website!

I got my (free with CAF!) ticket in the very front row, so I was practically bouncing out of my seat with excitement. They played a number of different songs for us, including Rhapsody in Blue and a Star Wars suite! For some songs, all five siblings played together; other numbers were solos or duets, and one was even a trio with all three sisters playing on the same piano! It was all so amazing to listen to, and I could never decide if I wanted to close my eyes and let the sound from all the pianos blend together, or open my eyes and watch their fingers move at lightning speed!  The audience even cheered so loudly at the end of their two-act performance that they played Flight of the Bumblebee as an encore.

After the show, we got to talk to all five of them, and they signed our programs for us. They were really nice people!

I’m so glad that Luther’s Center Stage Series brings these amazing performances to us! I feel so fortunate that I can go watch these incredible performances and be exposed to fine art at its finest!

I hope you have a magnificent day!

Until next time,


My program for the Five Browns performance, signed by all five Browns!

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