Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everybody!

I hope you’re all having a spooktacular day full of candy and fun! The past week has been full of Halloween festivities here at Luther, and it’s been absolutely fantastic!

The celebration started early with the first Luther College PALS event of the year last Sunday. PALS is an organization that pairs Luther students with children from the community for monthly fun-filled events. This month’s gathering was Halloween-themed, so everyone was encouraged to dress up. My partner and I got to meet our pal for the first time and go on an epic scavenger hunt together! Over the course of two hours, we built (and crushed!) a sand castle, read two picture books from Preus library, pretended to be spies on a secret mission, frosted and ate delicious sugar cookies, sang along to songs from Frozen, and got fifteen high fives from random people around campus. It was fantastic.

My pal's finished sand castle (pre-demolition), complete with leaf flags!
My pal's finished sand castle (pre-demolition), complete with leaf flags!


On Tuesday, I also picked up some very festive miniature pumpkins outside the Union – there was an entire box of them sitting outside the building that said “Free Gourds Help Yourself.” So I did! And now I have three adorable tiny pumpkins in my room!

A box of free gourds!
A box of free gourds!


On Wednesday, I got into the Halloween mood by decorating a sign for the library, where I work. The librarians gave away free candy all day on Halloween, so I got to make a sign to advertise! 

On Friday night, we had a Cinderella/Halloween-themed birthday party for one of my good friends, and we ate Mabe’s pizza and listened to the 1950’s Cinderella soundtrack. It was so much fun!

And, of course, on Halloween, there were lots of people dressed up in costumes!  Kids from town came to campus to trick-or-treat in the freshman dorms, and many of the college students dressed up as well. Among the Luther students, I saw a unicorn, a teletubby, several Harry Potters, and a Darth Vader who was loudly playing the Darth Vader theme song on his iPod wherever he went. 

ASAA, an organization on campus, also gave out free Bubble Tea this evening to celebrate Halloween, so my friends and I went to try some! I had never had Bubble Tea before, so it was really fun – basically, it’s just regular tea but with tiny tapioca gummy bubbles at the bottom! Very yummy!

Delicious Bubble Tea!
Delicious Bubble Tea!


And…that was my Halloween at Luther! It was so much fun celebrating this week, and I didn’t even attend all the festivities! I’m already looking forward to next Halloween!

I hope your Halloween was wonderful as well, and that you enjoy the end of Daylight Savings with an extra hour of sleep tonight!

Until next time!


This is the Halloween poster I made for the library

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