Study Abroad Opportunities!

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re having a great day! I just got back to Luther on Wednesday night after a wonderful fall break home with family and now Homecoming is already upon us! This semester is really flying by!

Since time here at Luther always seems to pass so quickly, I’m starting to think ahead, about classes and opportunities for future semesters. In particular, I have been considering studying abroad. I’ve loved reading Branna’s blog posts this year about her time in Nottingham, England, as well as the blogs other students have written while traveling the world. I’m excited at the prospect of having my own international adventure!

Knowing where to begin with finding a study-abroad program can be tricky, though! I wasn’t sure where to start searching for programs, so I decided to visit the Center for Global Learning. Luckily for me, my dorm room and the Center for Global Learning are both in Larsen Hall, so visiting the office couldn’t be more convenient!

Outside the Center for Global Learning Office
Outside the Center for Global Learning Office


During my visit to the Global Learning Center, the (super nice!) intern there, Lisa, talked with me about study abroad programs through Luther, like the year in Nottingham and semester in Malta, as well as other programs run by colleges and associations affiliated with Luther. She showed me a webpage that lists all the programs open to Luther students, which was quite an extensive list!

Lisa was really wonderful with answering my many (MANY) questions and was so knowledgeable about all of the programs. She even told me about how some Luther students have gone “WWOOFing” during their time abroad. “WWOOF,” or World Wide Opportunities in Organic Farming, is a network that allows people to work on organic farms almost anywhere in the world in exchange for room and board. People who want to travel and experience other countries can do so by working on a farm in their destination of choice. I thought that sounded so interesting!

So, while I haven’t chosen a study abroad program yet, I’m glad I visited the Center for Global Learning to learn about all the opportunities! There are more options than I ever imagined, and they all sound fantastic. I’m more excited than ever to see the world and study in another country!

In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy the Homecoming festivities this weekend and the beautiful autumn leaves. More immediately, I will be enjoying sleeping, which is always wonderful.

I hope the rest of your week is fantastic!

Until next time,


This map outside the Center for Global Learning shows where Luther students are currently studying all over the world!

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