Being "Undecided"

Hello everybody! I hope you’re having a fabulous week! Things here at Luther have been great and full of amazing new experiences, as per usual.

Last weekend was Family Weekend, so I had a fantastic time with my parents and my brother, going to various events on campus and eating at Mabe’s Pizza and Ede’s and the Angry Pickle Deli in downtown Decorah – my favorite restaurants ever. Sunday night also featured an amazing “blood moon” eclipse, and the whole campus sat outside on the lawn to watch the red shadow pass over the moon. In addition, I discovered Hickory Ridge Woods for the first time on Tuesday, which was a most excellent discovery. The woods are gorgeous, have a well-marked trail, and border the campus, so it’s like having a forest preserve in our backyard. I will definitely be hiking there more often!

Walking toward Hickory Ridge Woods on a hike!
Walking toward Hickory Ridge Woods on a hike!


I’ve also met some amazing first-year students this week, which is super exciting! I love meeting and getting to know new people, and it seems like the class of 2019 is a great group. It’s so fun asking them about their hometowns, how they discovered Luther, and what they intend to major in. Many freshmen I’ve talked to haven’t selected their major yet, and although being “undecided” can seem daunting, I think it is also a great time of exploration. And that brings me to subject of this post: being undecided.

I came in to Luther without a major officially declared. And if I’m being totally honest, that terrified me a little bit. I knew I was interested in psychology, but I am also passionate about art, English, archeology, and biology, and I didn’t want to decide between those passions just yet. But I needn’t have worried.

Being “undecided” allowed me to take a variety of courses during my first year – everything from Cells and Molecules to Nordic Myths and Fairy Tales – and by the end of the year, I felt confident in my choice of a psychology major. But I also discovered that, although I am happily majoring in psychology, I am not “closing the door” to my other interests in doing so. I can still engage in a number of pursuits here at Luther. In fact, the general education requirements really encourage students to get a well-rounded education. This semester, I’m following my passion for artwork by taking a pottery class to fulfill my “Human Expressions” requirement, and maybe next semester I’ll take Archeology for my “Intercultural” requirement. Plus, the possibilities of double majoring or double minoring are not out of the question, and that leaves lots of options for me to think about as well. I’m glad that even now that I’m “decided,” I still have decisions to make and opportunities to explore.

I suppose what I am really trying to say here is that being undecided at Luther is not a bad thing.  If you start your first year or even your second without declaring a major, that’s totally okay! I have lots of sophomore friends who are still considering several options. Exploring possibilities and learning about many subjects are what make going to a liberal arts college so fantastic! And with that said, if you have chosen your major, Luther is a great place to pursue it and can provide dozens of opportunities to enrich your experience.

The experience of being undecided was definitely something I was curious and slightly anxious about before coming to college, so I hope my perspective on the topic is useful and/or encouraging! And, of course, I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week!

Until next time,


Hiking in the beautiful Hickory Ridge Woods at Luther!

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