Things That Make College Cooler than High School

Hello, everyone! I hope you’re having a wonderful week!

In today’s post, I will be comparing high school to college. My conclusion is ultimately that college is better, and specifically, Luther College is the best. Here is my evidence to support this conclusion:

Exhibit A: Sitting less!

One of the things I love about college is that, unlike in high school, I don’t have to sit for seven consecutive hours in extremely uncomfortable plastic desks. At Luther, I have breaks between classes, which gives me the much-needed opportunity to get up and stretch my legs! Plus, the chairs in many of the Luther classrooms are considerably comfier than those rock-hard monstrosities of my high school days. Maybe it sounds like a small thing, but comfier chairs and breaks in my schedule really do make me a happier person!

Exhibit B: Kids are passionate about what they’re learning

More important than chair quality, though, I love that kids at Luther are really invested in what they’re learning. Kids are engaged in the classroom; they’re not trying to text under their desks or pass notes or get out of doing their homework like many high schoolers. Luther people take their academics seriously because they're passionate about what they study. And that brings me to another reason why college is better than high school…

Exhibit C: You can choose what you study

After all those years of a pre-planned schedule, you can finally choose your own schedule. If you’re not excited about a particular subject, you can often fulfill a requirement with a different but similar class. Even better, you get to specialize and study the subjects that interest you more in depth than a high school class would offer. In addition, the professors of those subjects can provide you with really great real-world advice and opportunities because they are experts in their fields of study.

Also, the food is better.

No unidentifiable mystery meat in the Luther College Caf! While my high school cafeteria had a nice variety of nachos and nachos, food at Luther is considerably better. There are always abundant options (vegetarian, main line, allergen-free line, pasta, pizza, grill, salad bar, sandwiches, etc.) and WHEAT BAGELS, which are magnificent here and practically their own food group.

And friends are always here!

In high school, after classes are over, you and your friends go home and do homework. At Luther, you and your friends still do homework, but you also get to hang out and get dinner together and watch movies and generally have a wonderful time. School and social life are more intertwined, and it’s so easy to maintain friendships when your friends are just a short walk away, or even right down the hall!


Enough said.

While this evidence is a mixture of the silly and serious, and while high school is actually a lovely place to be, I do honestly love these elements of the college experience and find them to be an improvement upon my high school days. Hopefully, if you’re interested in coming to Luther, you can see how wonderful it is too!

And now it is family weekend, so I’m going to go spend time with my family! YAAAAAY!

Have a wonderful week!!

Until next time,


Me at the Luther Bell!

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