Seeing Nick Jonas and Movies on the Sky

Hello Everyone!

I hope you’re having an awesome day! Things here at Luther have been GREAT this week!

The weather this weekend was absolutely beautiful, and my friends and I took blankets outside to do homework and listen to Disney songs in the sunshine. Later, on Saturday night, one of my friends reserved the Luther planetarium for all of our friends to watch a movie. It was really cool to see the film projected against the stars.

The planetarium is the best place to watch a movie on campus
The planetarium is the best place to watch a movie on campus


As for campus-wide events, this Monday night was the Nick Jonas concert. I was relatively unfamiliar with Nick Jonas or his music before going to the event, but I really enjoyed it!

The doors didn’t open until 9:15pm, but when my friends and I arrived at 8:30, the line was already wrapped around the building! Some people had waited outside all day to get a good spot, switching off with friends to hold their place in line while they were in class.

Once we were inside, there were lots of security guards checking our bags and other people checking tickets. They also handed out earplugs, which turned out to be super necessary.

The crowd at the Nick Jonas concert
The crowd at the Nick Jonas concert


The concert itself didn’t actually begin until about 9:40, but while we waited we took lots of pictures of the giant stage and flashy lights and enjoyed the anticipatory atmosphere. Every time we would see a person come onto the stage, people would start cheering…and then it would turn out to be a tech person adjusting the microphone.

When Nick Jonas actually came out, though, the place exploded. It was an experience completely unlike any I have had before. The crowd sang along with almost every song. And kudos to the lighting designer, because the lights were awesome.

I tried to take pictures, but mine mostly turned out blurry. Luckily, the Luther College Photo Bureau got some great photos, which you can see here. And if you’re interested in watching parts of the concert, you can see videos on Youtube here!

Seeing the concert and how well it was set up by the Student Activities Council made me interested in joining SAC next year. In addition to organizing concerts, SAC members have the opportunity to meet the artists who perform at Luther, which is pretty cool! I love that, even after being at Luther for nearly a year, I’m still discovering new activities that interest me. There really are so many things to try here!

And now, I should go study for my statistics test tomorrow!

Have a fantastic week!

Waiting for the show to begin....

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