Valentines and New Year's and College Visits, Oh My!

Hello, People of the Internet!

Happy Lunar New Year!  It’s officially the year of the sheep/ram/goat! The Caf celebrated the occasion today by serving Chinese food and decorating with parasols and lanterns and paper dragons! I had a delicious spring roll and rice and it was fantastic.

Speaking of celebrating, Luther also celebrated Valentine’s Day last Saturday! Many valentines were exchanged and on Friday night Luther’s improv group, Top Banana, hosted the annual Dating Game Show. There are several rounds of the game; in each, a bachelor or bachelorette sits on one side of a partition, and on the other side sit three or four contestants of the opposite gender. The bachelor(ette) asks the contestants questions, such as “Where would you take me on a date?” or “Who is your favorite Disney princess?” or “Will you serenade me with a Miley Cyrus song…right now?” At the end of the show, the bachelor(ette) chooses one contestant as the winner, and then they hypothetically go on a date. Except, the date part is optional. (The winners are actually competing for Luther gift cards.  Which is less romantic but a pretty good incentive to sign up.) The show was a lot of fun, and I’m glad I went to see it!

Valentine’s Day weekend also marked another important event for me. Last Valentine’s Day was the first time I visited Decorah and the Luther campus and fell in love with the school. Seeing the college in person really showed me that Luther was where I wanted to go. If you are a prospective student considering Luther, I definitely suggest coming for a visit. There is something about being here that just cannot be conveyed through pamphlets or the Internet. Nonetheless, I will try to explain how coming to Luther helped me make my decision.

For one thing, Luther gave me the opportunity to visit two classes, Developmental Psychology and a Paideia course for education majors. Seeing that the classes were interesting, the students were engaged, and the professors were passionate about their subjects was really great and it set Luther apart from other schools I had visited. The professors were happy to talk to me after class and eager to give me their contact information for if I had any questions.

In addition, interacting with Luther people made me realize that everyone here is genuinely nice. Not only are they ridiculously friendly and polite, they are also happy here. When I was visiting different places in my college search, I asked students at various schools whether they were happy. At some campuses, the answers I got were vague or even negative. But at Luther, everyone I asked said “yes.” Hearing that firsthand had a huge impact on me.

Plus, I was very impressed at how well the college organized the visit day I came for. It was a big prospective student event, which could have been very chaotic, but everything went smoothly. We were even treated to a live jazz performance and Norwegian pastries!

Also, Decorah was beautiful. Really, really, cold and crazy snowy (to the point where we had to leave early to avoid a blizzard) but beautiful. And Mabe’s pizza didn’t hurt either. Mmm… Mabe’s pizza….

So that’s how I fell in love with Luther! If you get the chance to visit the campus, I highly recommend it – in my experience, it was the strongest indicator of whether I belonged at a college. Luckily for me, I knew I fit in here, and Luther became my collegiate valentine. (Aww….)

And on that note, I should go sleep. Have a wonderful day!

The Luther Caf, lookin' festive
Round One of the Dating Game begins....

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