Staying Warm and Keeping it Cool

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re all having a great week and staying warm in this chilly weather!  It’s been literally freezing here at Luther, but I’ve been having a spectacular time despite the snow and ice.  In fact, I’ve discovered that some activities are even more fun when it’s cold outside!  Here are some things I’ve been doing to make the most of the cold here at Luther:

Dancing Salsa

In addition to regular ballroom dance team practices, I’ve been going to social dancing, which is open to anyone on campus.  This month, we’ve been dancing salsa!  It’s nice to spice up a cold day with some dancing, and salsa is one of my favorite dances I’ve learned so far.  Each week, we learn new steps, and I can’t wait to go back next Monday!

Reading Some Snowy Stories

In my Nordic Myths and Fairy Tales class, many of the stories we’ve been reading feature snow and ice, which definitely gets me in the mood for the cool weather and reminds me of the beauty and magic of the season.  “The Snow Queen,” “The Ice Maiden,” and “East of the Sun, West of the Moon” all focus on the cold, and the parallels between the weather in the stories and the weather we are experiencing are quite impressive.

On a side note, our class returned to the Vesterheim museum today, and we saw some awesome tapestries!  The curator told us that a square inch could take as long as an hour to weave, and the finished products were enormous!

Watching My Hair Freeze!

Okay, so this might not sound very pleasant, but before coming to Luther, I’d never watched my hair turn to ice before.  It’s actually sort of fascinating and…weirdly crunchy.

Drinking Hot Cocoa in the Caf (and Eating Other Excellent Edibles During the Dorian Festival!)

Lucky for us, the Caf has a marvelous hot cocoa machine that keeps students supplied with as much warm chocolaty goodness as we need to warm us up after a long walk in the snow.

In addition, the food has been super good recently, even more so than usual.  I attribute this to the presence of the Dorians, musical high-schoolers who come to campus every January for a choir festival.  The Caf was on pointe for their arrival, and I may have taken a massive bowl of the fresh strawberries all for myself….  That definitely warmed my soul.  Strawberries are the best.

Enjoying Some Indoor Activities

Speaking of the Dorian festival, I went to watch the Luther Norsemen and Aurora choirs as well as a high school choir from Rosemount in the festival concert last weekend.  It was amazing!  The Norsemen sang a particularly fabulous rendition of “Endless Night” from The Lion King which I very much enjoyed.  I’m so lucky to go to a school where I can listen to so much fantastic music.

So those are just some of the things I’ve been doing to stay warm and embrace the snow!  And now, I’m going to go sleep, because that’s important.

Have a wonderful week!


Here is the Rosemount High School choir singing with some kids!

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