Hello people of the world!

I hope that you have had a marvelous week!  I, for one, am having an excellent Thursday, especially because one week from today, I will be home celebrating Thanksgiving with my family.  I already have my bus ticket home, and I am counting down the days until I will be back, spending time with the people I love and eating delicious home-cooked food.

That’s definitely one thing I have been craving while I’ve been at Luther: home cooking.  Yum….

That said, the food here at Luther is actually really good!  Generally, there is plenty of variety, and everything is well made.  There are a number of different lines to choose from – the main line, an allergen-free line, a vegetarian line, a sandwich line, a pasta line, a hamburger/hot dog/fries line, a pizza line, a salad bar, a fruit line, several soups to choose from, and a dessert table.  So there are always some great options.  Some of my favorite things to eat at the Caf are the peanut curry, the spinach strudel, and the fried broccoli.  Oh, and these chocolate brownies with the layer of raspberry filling.  Those are divine.  Divine.

So the food is great, especially compared to the food at other schools I visited.  And I love that there are other food options besides the Caf as well – the Oneota Market café, the Marty’s dining area, coffee and treats at Nordic Brew, Sunnyside Café, and various snack foods at the C-Store.

But the very best food I’ve had at Luther was the food I had last Friday night.  Our floor had a party in our dorm’s social lounge, and our RA and other students made tons of delicious dishes from around the world.  There was peanut chicken and rice with coconut milk and banana eggrolls and so many amazing things to try.  I had some of everything, and we were encouraged to eat with our hands, which made the experience even more fun.  Afterwards, we learned new dances from places across the globe, and I had such an amazing time!  Really, words cannot describe what a cool experience it was.

So I’ve been blessed to have a lot of fantastic food here at Luther!  I feel super fortunate, especially around Thanksgiving time, and especially because I know that not everyone is so lucky.

Which brings me to something else that has been going on this week: Luther is participating in an Empty Bowls event!  Prior to the event, Luther students and community members are hand-making tons of ceramic bowls – I made one last Saturday, which was a lot of fun.  Then, after the bowls are finished, there will be an Empty Bowls soup dinner, where people will come and buy a bowl of soup to eat.  Afterwards, they get to take their handmade bowl home, and the proceeds go toward feeding the hungry.  It’s an awesome event for a great cause, and it’s just one of many ways that Luther gets involved in the surrounding community.

So those are some of the food-themed things that I’ve been experiencing lately!  I know I’ve said this before, but I love the variety of events on campus – there is always something new to try, and I absolutely love that!

And now I must go study for my psychology test.  Until next time!


This is a plate of food I ate in the Caf, which includes some amazing purple cauliflower. I had no idea that purple cauliflower existed before my arrival at Luther. Now my life is complete.
Some of the delicious student-made food we had at my floor's party last Friday. Yum....

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