Snow and Other Cool Stuff

Hello People of the Internet!

I hope you are all having a fabulous week!  Things here at Luther have been pretty cool lately – both literally and figuratively.  On Tuesday, I woke up to find that the tree outside my window was covered in snow, so the weather here has been pretty cool, to say the least.  As the temperature has dropped, my friends and I have been having snowball fights with teeny-tiny snowballs, catching falling snowflakes on our tongues, and drinking hot cocoa in the Caf.

But not only has Luther been physically cool this past week - it has also been cool in the sense that there have been a lot of awesome things going on around campus!

For instance, last Thursday night, Luther hosted a quartet of a cappella singers called Anonymous 4.  They performed some medieval French pieces and also some American folk-type songs.  They were extremely talented, and I love that as a student at Luther, I have the opportunity to see so many amazing performances for free!

Another cool musical event I attended was the varsity band and the wind and percussion ensemble concert last night.  Many of my friends were performing, so it was really neat to hear what they have been working on all semester.  I am always amazed at how much musical talent is here at Luther!

But perhaps the coolest thing I am doing this week is registering for my January term and spring semester classes.  As a first year, I love the freedom I have in choosing classes.  Unlike in high school, there is a huge variety of options – everything from Nordic Myths and Fairy Tales to Rock Climbing to 3D Animation.  I now have the problem of wanting to take so many classes that I cannot possibly fit them all into my schedule.  And it is an excellent problem to have.

For right now, the spring schedule I am considering looks like this:

            Paideia 112 – the required English course for first-year students

            Intro to Hebrew Bible Studies – a religion course

            Behavioral Statistics – a statistics course for psychology majors

            Pilates – for fun!


            Biology 152 – an intro lab class about molecules and cells

It will definitely be a busy semester, but I think I’m ready for it!  I’m excited to learn about so many different subjects, and I think it will be super interesting.  I’m really looking forward to starting the second half of my first year!

But until then, I’m going to keep enjoying this fantastic first semester and the beautiful snow outside.

Thus concludes this post.  Have an excellent week, and I will see you next time!

(Well, not physically see you, but…you know…. :) )

A photograph of the snow on the tree outside my window on Tuesday morning - evidence of the weather that has turned me into a human popsicle

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