Halloween Funsies

Hello Readers!

I hope that you are having a wonderful day and that you had a fabulous Halloween last Friday!  Halloween here at Luther was amazing!  There were so many fun and exciting things to do, and I had a truly spectacular time.

Leading up to Halloween day, the girls on our floor decorated our bathroom with festive handmade posters, orange pumpkin-shaped paper cut-outs, and a real carved jack-o-lantern, lit up with an electric tealight.  The decorations were fantastic and definitely put me in the Halloween spirit.

The Sunday before Halloween, there was also an event for PALs, an organization that pairs kids from the Decorah community with Luther students for monthly fun-filled events.  October’s event was a Halloween scavenger hunt, so there were lots of kids running around campus in costumes, completing activities from a long list of tasks, including doing cartwheels across the library lawn and getting high fives from fifteen random people.

The day of Halloween, the Caf was decked out with miniature pumpkins, and the desserts at Nordic Brew were decorated with orange and black frosting and sprinkles.  Students wore all sorts of awesome costumes – some of my favorites were Junie B. Jones and a giant clownfish.  As for me, I dressed up as Hermione Granger, complete with time turner and Gryffindor scarf.

The Hermione costume wound up coming in handy, because we had a Halloween Harry Potter party in Preus Library, where I have a work study job as an innovative services library assistant.  I got to help set up for the party, make labels for the snacks, create a coordinating book display, and take photos of the event, which was a ton of fun.  At the party, we had music as well as a variety of wizardly snacks, including Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, licorice wands, and butter “beer.”  Several students came dressed as Harry Potter characters, which was really cool to see, and one of the librarians even dressed up as Professor Sprout!  Needless to say, I love my job at the library.  You can see other photos of the event at the Preus Library facebook page by clicking here!

Later in the evening, the dorms were opened for trick-or-treating.  If students chose, we could sign up to give out candy to trick-or-treaters from the community.  I ran out of candy super quickly because the event was very popular, but it was great to see the kids dressed up and so excited.  It was definitely the highlight of my evening.  My favorite costume I saw was a baby Tigger.  It doesn’t get cuter than that.

Other Halloween events I heard about included a massive sale at the Luther book shop, various Halloween parties, and a haunted house created by Luther’s SPIN Theater.  I love that Luther has a variety of different activities to offer, so there’s always something for everyone!

Now that Halloween is over, I’m really looking forward to Thanksgiving.  It will be great to see my family and friends and celebrate with them all!  But in the meantime, I’m absolutely loving Luther.  I definitely think I’m in the right place, and that’s a great feeling.

And on that note, I will bid you farewell!

Until next time,


This is me and one of the lovely librarians at Preus, dressed as Hermione Granger and Professor Sprout, respectively.
A marvelous (and delicious) selection of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, provided by the wizards at Preus Library on Halloween

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