Homecoming, Flamingos, and Ancient Egyptian Papyrus

Hello readers!

This week has definitely been a busy one here at Luther, since everyone is gearing up for midterm exams. But the academic intensity doesn’t feel so bad after the wonderful homecoming weekend we had! Honestly, I couldn’t have imagined a better way to ease into the last week before fall break.

Now, homecoming in high school was fun and all, but Luther’s homecoming takes the cake. For one thing, the Caf dessert line was completely decked out in Luther blue. The cookies were blue, the cupcakes had blue frosting – even the ice cream in the ice cream machine was a lovely shade of cerulean. Even better, the Student Activities Council (SAC) set up a table in the Caf and gave away free Luther sunglasses and sweatbands to every student.

All weekend there were tons of returning alumni to meet and fun activities to do. Saturday morning, my floor went downtown Decorah to visit the farmer’s market and watch the homecoming parade. I hadn’t visited the farmer’s market before, and I was super impressed at all the different booths selling delicious baked goods, fresh produce, jewelry, yarn, dolls – just about everything you could want! One of the venders gave us free samples of his Norwegian kringla cookies, and they were absolutely divine. They were shaped like little infinity symbols and tasted like sweetness and awesome. I am now determined to return to the farmer’s market to buy these cookies. If you are ever in town, you absolutely must try them.  Just thinking about them is making my mouth water….

Anyway, after visiting the farmer’s market and the lovely Decorah Co-op, we all settled down on the curb to watch the parade. It was a fantastic parade, and so many Luther students participated. Some of the ballroom dance team performed, as did the Luther pep band and Eclipse, the hip-hop dance team. We had a great time and had lots of candy thrown our way, which made us all very happy.

Later that day, some girls on my floor had a baking party, and then in the evening, we all went to the Flamingo Ball, which celebrated the inauguration of Luther’s new president, President Carlson. I had really been looking forward to this dance – especially after seeing the entire campus decorated in plastic pink lawn flamingos as advertising – and I wasn’t disappointed. There was a live band that played songs like “Sweet Caroline” and “I Will Survive,” and we all danced together and had a fabulous time. President Carlson also made an appearance, and she accepted my friends’ invitation to dance to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” with us.  President Carlson is seriously the best.

Other homecoming activities included a homecoming football game (which we lost….But you can’t win ‘em all, right?) and an exhibit in Preus Library of ancient Egyptian papyrus fragments and ancient Roman coins donated by Luther alumn and archeologist Orlando W. Qualley. The papyri is really fascinating, and one is an extremely rare certification of sacrifice, written sometime between the first and fifth centuries AD. It was amazing to see those artifacts and imagine someone using them thousands of years ago.

So overall I had a fabulous weekend! In fact, I had so much fun that I'm already looking forward to next year's homecoming! And even though I have lots of studying to do this week for midterms, homecoming weekend gave me just the boost of energy I needed to make it through this week and to fall break. Five-day vacation, here I come!


The lovely Upper Iowa River as seen on my walk to downtown Decorah on Saturday morning for the homecoming parade
Delicious-looking produce at the Decorah Farmers Market

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