Easter Break with Family & Friends

I honestly cannot believe that it has been a little over a week since Easter break started; time is really starting to pick up, and with less than a month left, there are a whole lot of assignments, projects, papers, posters, and exams to squeeze into these last four weeks.

Unlike last year, where spring break and Easter break where squished into one break, we actually got a seperate Easter break this year. It was really a blessing and a much needed break before the last sprint to finish off the semester.

Due to the five hour drive it takes to get home and having to work Friday evening, I opted to stay on campus for Easter break—I am really happy with my decision!

Last Thursday night (aka the start of Easter break since we have Good Friday through Easter Monday off), my roommate Natalie and I biked to the co-op to purchase groceries, made homemade sushi, and watched Game of Thrones with our other roommate Evie.

I cannot even begin to express how wonderful it was to have some free time away from class work. There was even one point where I had so much free time that I literally did not know what to do with it! So I decided to go hammocking up in Hickory Ridge Woods and read—and more importantly just be.

Saturday and Sunday were spent with my mom and sister, who drove all the way from Wheaton, Illinois to spend some time with me. On Saturday we went hiking to Phelps Park, had a picnic at Pulpit Rock, and ate at Rubaiyat. On Sunday, after Easter mass, we had Easter brunch with my housemates Natalie and Nate. Although it all went by too fast, it was great to have my mom and sister in Decorah and to show them around town.

All in all, it was awesome to have a short break from the go-go-go of the school schedule, have some free time to relax, and to spend some quality time with family and friends.

A picture of my mom and sister at Rubaiyat (my sister, Ella, will be super mad that I posted this pic, but hey she posts embarrassing pictures on her insta all the time :)

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