Taking A Real “Break” over Spring Break

Sitting in one of the Sampson-Hoffland study lounges for nearly five hours straight working on a variety of homework, it is odd to think that just one week ago I was lounging on the comfy couch in my family’s living room, watching an episode of Game of Thrones (a show which I have not caught up on, so please, no spoilers).

It may just be the post-break blues or the fact that it is currently down pouring outside, but I am really missing spring break. However, the good news is that this spring break, I actually got to take a break from the nonstop workhorse life I live during the majority of the school year.

Last spring break I had an amazing time hiking and canoeing in Arkansas with my friends Anna and Martel. However, I had finished spring break feeling more tired than when I had started. That is why this spring break I made an effort to actually enjoy a real break. I just went home to good ol' Wheaton, Illinois and had a wonderful time relaxing. Here's a list of some of the things (or lack of things) I did over spring break:

  1. Went to see the new Beauty and the Beast movie with my friends
    1. Hey there's a 5 year old kid in all of us, and this 5-year-old girl was absolutely obsessed with the original Beauty and the Beast
  2. Attended my sister's 7th grade basketball games
    1. I got to relive my old glory days through my sister's 7th grade tournamentthey even made it all the way to the championship game!
  3. Napped
    1. I LOVE naps, so I took plenty of them over break
  4. Celebrated my mother's birthday
    1. Although my brother ruined the ice cream cake by leaving it in the refrigerator, it was still fun to celebrate with my mom and family
  5. Crashed my high school track practice and ran with my friends
    1. Always a must whenever I am home for a break
  6. Cooked food
  7. Watched TV
    1. Something I rarely do during school, so I always have to catch up during breaks
  8. Just being alive
    1. I have found that life often leaves little time for just being/existing. This break, just enjoying life was my top priority.
Watching the original Beauty and the Beast movie with my mother and sister.

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