Papers, Projects, and Presentations Galore!

With the end of the semester less than a week away, this time of the year has a weird vibe; classes are winding down, but at the same time there is just so much stuff to accomplish—from papers and projects, to presentations and preparation for finals next week—that one week can feel like an eternity.

When school is rough, the best thing to do is to stay organized. The basics of a healthy college experience (eating healthy, getting eight hours of sleep, exercising daily, and making sure to still take time for yourself) are still important—if anything more important—during this final phase. And even in the pit of despair, where you feel so overwhelmed and despondent, just remember we are SO close to being done! And, in the grand scheme of one’s life, the projects and grades really do not matter, so it’s not worth risking one’s health or happiness for the sake of classes and exams.

On a brighter note, while this week has certainly been a busy one, a lot of good stuff has happened. I had two research papers and posters due for both my entomology and chemistry classes, and I was able to present both of them at the Fall research symposium yesterday morning. My last chemistry test went well (although now my motivation to study for the actual final is low) and today in entomology, the focus of lecture is on entomophagy, so we get to eat roasted grasshoppers!

In many ways I am sad to see this semester end, particularly in regard to my entomology and religion classes, which have been absolutely amazing. While this semester had its ups and downs, overall it was a great semester, and definitely my best at Luther. It’s also crazy to think that I won’t even be back in Decorah for another six weeks, because I will be going on the Green Europe J-term (which I am absolutely thrilled about).

Another chapter of my life is coming to a close, and I am just trying to soak in as much as possible. Today is my last day of actual classes, and the rest is all finals. But Christmas is right around the corner, and the prospect of a long break keeps me motivated.

Here's my Entomology research project poster from the symposium

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