Fall Break Adventures

I don’t miss dragging myself out of bed at 6:15 every morning to get to high school at 7:20, and I certainly don’t miss being stuck in school for 7 hours straight every day. But one thing I do miss about the high school schedule is 3 day weekends. Labor Day, Columbus Day, Presidents Day and teachers’ institute days provided me with those short moments to catch up on school work and literally just catch my breath. While college life allows me to start classes at 8 or 9 and only be in the actual classroom for 4-5 hours a day, it unfortunately does not include three-day weekends (we don’t even get Labor Day off, which in my mind is absolutely ridiculous, but also a conversation for another time).

On the plus side, the college schedule does provide a few breaks, one of those being Fall Break. Unfortunately, Fall Break is pretty short (this year it was October 14-October 18), but on a positive note it does mark the halfway point of the semester. And while I did dedicate one entire day just to doing homework, I am happy to report that I really did enjoy my Fall Break.

On Friday October 14, I drove 5 hours back home and was able to crash my high school cross country conference meet. I got to see all my wonderful friends race (still can’t believe most of them are seniors, ahhhhh), I got to see all my old coaches, and I even ran into some of my favorite teachers, including Mr. Nova, and Mr. Stellwagen.

And I also got to see my brother race, which was pretty awesome because my bro is an offensive lineman who transformed himself into a cross country runner in a little over 6 months! We spent half of high school arguing over who’s sport was harder, and now that he is finally running xc, he has admitted I was right all along.

The next day I got to babysit my two baby cousins, Britton and JD, which was pretty cool, especially considering I hadn’t even gotten a chance to meet little 6 month old Britton yet! It was also nice to see my cousin Tony and his wife Patricia, because between college and working in Maine over the summer, I haven’t been able to see them very much.

After Sunday mass, the day was spent doing homework (I know, it’s quite glamorous), watching the Patriots game, making and canning applesauce with my dad, and making granola. Oh, and eating a lot of applesauce and granola (honestly I think half of my breaks are spent just eating food).

Monday was full of some last minute shopping, a nice run with my dog Cheerio, and crashing xc practice to say bye to my friends and wish them luck during the State series.

And to repress my sorrow at the thought of having to go back to school so soon, I continued to eat applesauce and granola.

And Tuesday, I made the 5 hour trek back to Luther, my car packed with food and winter clothes and my tummy stuffed with food.

While Fall Break went by too fast, I definitely accomplished a lot over the course of those 4 days, and if anything, the break gave me a chance to catch my breath and get ready for the second half of the semester.

Canning applesauce with my dad

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